Mike Kaufman

December traditionally demands summing up. And also, to find an opportunity to see your relatives, friends...
How often we see each other - it does not matter; what we do - it does not matter; who is from - it does not matter; plans - it does not matter ...
And what is important then?
To find time and the place for a meeting alive!
In a whirlpool of events, concerts, assignments and tasks, leave a place for a real, personal, cozy and, indeed, festive evening.

We offer to meet again in Podol. It is here: the gallery "Vysotsky" (Kiev, Vozdvizhenskaya str., 40).
The first meeting in the spring did not leave a choice: it demands the next!

What will you hear?
That's good, when you can write a list of works and everything is clear!
Or the authors are familiar, or the names of the works ...
Everything is different here, of course.
Here the distribution of sincere emotions in a virtuoso wrapper.
And the opportunity to "dive" from the past to the future through the present.
Interlacing programs and jazz performances:

  • "Dreidl" (according to E.Sevele);
  • "Jazz Jewish Christmas";
  • "Blues & blues";
  • "Novecento | 1900 by RoyalMan"
  • and a little more .... 🙂

At the end of the concert, you will have the opportunity to purchase a ticket for the next concert, and most importantly, a gift from the artist!

Attention! The concert starts at 19:40! 🙂

To Buy Ticket

Happy New Year, Mike KaufmanPortnikov, MozartThe best New Year's Eve is a warm holiday surrounded by relatives  among the fairy winter forest. Begin new year of your life in the panoramic restaurant Mozart, enjoying wonderful music and author's dishes with the Italian accent from the chef Maxim Lyubich. The refinement and good taste are classics which is always relevant!

- at the piano Mike Kauffman-Portnikov / RoyalMan

— accompaniment – Pavel Sklyarov (vocal)
— refined festive menu with Moet & Chandon
— New Year's prizes and gifts from Grand Admiral Resort & SPA
— a fun children's program in Admiral Kids Club
— a morning brunch with sparkling wine to the live music on January 1
— children's New Year's holiday "Transformers Save the World" on January 1
— the musical program of the first day of New year from the string quartet MIRA and Mike Kaufman-Portnikov on January 1
— whole week of daily children's animation from January 1 to January 8

More information and booking on phones:
+380 (44) 393 33 57, +380 (67) 219 41 49/50

Mike KaufmanPortnikov

On November 4 at 19:00 held a musical performance in the style of blues from Mike Kaufman-Portnikov in the art center ILKO Gallery.

Who and when did it come up with that blues is when a good person is bad? Perhaps "bad" meant a very specific condition, when it becomes, well, very badly? Maybe…
There is no such a cool melody that could not be turned into a blues.

A little boy, whose parents had once left Ukraine for America, listened to the musical exercises of his older brother with bated breath. "We must learn and have a real profession. Music is a pleasure for oneself, nothing more, "his parents told him.

- Let me play in your store? On this piano?

- OK, try!

Everyone wanted to buy records with music, played a small virtuoso. "A little later" his lullaby from the opera "Porgy and Bes" became a visiting card of the blues.

A tender Ukrainian lullaby and a Jewish song were intertwined, like two people, into a blues, a hit, a hit.

"ZUMERTSAYT" and "Ouch to Walk the Dream of the Colors of Windows" have turned into "Summertime".

30,000 times, less, this hit was performed.

Mike Kaufman Portnikov since childhood has combined classics and jazz, Ukrainian and Jewish songs.

Like George Gershwin, since childhood, "forced" the music to smile and dream, buy, even what was not going to earlier.

No, blues is not their main style. It simply has the ability to combine what can not be combined.

Not so in life? Is not this what causes a storm of emotions? Is not that what we live for? Is not that why you came to the show?

Do not hesitate! Dive easily and with joy to the south of sensations, buzz and music.

Blues are when good people are good.

Ticket price: 150 UAH.

Booking by phone +380 (67) 112 20 29 and e-mail gallery@ilko.ua

The summer has come to the end, but was saturated and interesting. Autumn plans and events will be later.
And now emotions, impressions and conclusions of summer.
In the last week of summer there were three festivals at once.
ArtJazz has celebrated the 10th anniversary  in Rovno. Old story of friendship and cooperation. This time judges of qualitative music have derived true pleasure: concerto-tribyut for a piano with orchestra. Producer Sergey Gemberg, orchestra "Brevis", band-master Gennady Fiskov, soloist and author of the project Mike KaufmanPortnikov | RoyalMan.

Rain... After the heat in June, it's very nice. And one more important detail: where is this rain? The north of France, Normandy, is even more beautiful and authentic in the rain than under the sun. I apologize for describing nature, but it's impossible not to write about it when you are in such beauty! When you are abroad for a long time, the world around you becomes a mirror. It happens always and everywhere, but abroad you feel it real!

Something emerges from the subconscious, which I had never suspected before... And most importantly, the absence of unnecessary: ​​compulsory communication, forced reactions and emotions, the need to keep distance.
Silence is objective and subjective. Ability to fully reboot.
"How are you in this world? How does it sound? What can I add here?"

Mike Kaufman

Holy tram passed yesterday. Details later)) And now again the event MFA and Koktebel Jazz Festival-2017 06.14.2017. Why? Because this "normal" history deserves your attention)). On this event I learned a long time ago and wanted to participate, but the program has already been formed. Sometimes... a few days before calling Lady Ukrainian jazz Lily Mlinarich ... and invites to join the event!: accompany a film about the Crimea live. The movie has not yet been)) You know... always support comes on the scene, but try to see the schematic to understand the genre and timing. So join this event (musical diplomacy - this is the thing which is constantly engaged) in the personal invitation of
Mrs. Lily! Only dream of such. Rain and wind on the day of the event - this stuff. I do not remember any speech in the best house, that is in the air, so the sun is not joined to the statement. But the screen was backstage, that I could not see! - this is serious. Trying my director Elizabeth Borovtsovoyi movie download to the phone turned out, unfortunately, unsuccessful. We decided to set up remote folios and sheet music, "Cinema": put the phone in 3G with "interruption" directed by Eugene Stepanenko signal simultaneously start casting the film. How good that I could see the final morning of the 14th!!! For 10 minutes the final 3G ... disappeared ..! And then it began again "normal" miracle. The rain appeared the sun! What is the picture on screen, I don't know, I can only feel. And playing these feelings. Before joining Sun with rainbow !!! People said that beauty was incredible! (Even forgot to take pictures) 🙂 That is, as in the book: Prelude, Fugue and catharsis. Thank you for the confidence and the ability to experience this!

Kazan. Tatarstan.

Festival of Jewish music.

2017. June.

5 years Kazan took friends from all over the world. Yes, all enjoyed each other, some expect that it will hear. Meeting talented, professional and pleasant people always carry their taste any event.

But time is running out. There are new teams. Always welcome presence of taste and variety, in a good sense. I hope that the first fest will be the second and third; composition and creativity will grow. All aspects of the organization - all very good.

But, thanks to the performance of the duo "Tum Balalaika" from Moscow, the group from Israel and, most importantly, meeting with ordinary citizens and outstanding too 🙂 I think part in the festival absolutely necessary, useful and the far! 

Fest of Jewish music
jazz music, open air
Under the walls of the MFA of Ukraine on St. Michael's Square will be held for the third time the MFA Open Air - this time a jazz concert "Music of free people." The event was organized jointly with the Koktebel Jazz Festival. The concert is a symbol of solidarity and support to those who are against the Russian occupation of Crimea.
Beginning at 20:00, start the showing of the film about the Crimea, the movie record with live accompaniment.
In the role of ballroom pianist RoyalMan | Mike Kaufman-Portnikov.
So invite all June 14 at 20:00 come to the Foreign Ministry and listen with Ukrainian jazz - music symbol of freedom and free Ukrainian Crimea.
Number of seats is limited, but space allows viewing stand. Approximate duration of the event - 1,5 hours.