Mike Kaufman-Portnikov

Virtuoso pianist, jazz multi-stylist

The one who creates the Royal Show

Man by the piano, Royalman

Composer, director, actor, teacher

Author of music for films and cartoons

The author of his own pedagogical methodology, which is introduced in individual classes and master classes

Jewish of ukrainian

Art projects

Joint projects with Ron Sent John, Andrew Lloyd Webber, Klezmatics, Glenn Miller Army Air Forces Orchestra (USA) and others.

Created copyright projects that have received supporters and followers:

  • “Jazz Theater by Royalman”
  • “Silent movie by Royalman or Silent movie with taper”
  • “Musical portraits live”


  • Moscow conservatory, faculty of “Piano”;
  • Moscow pedagogical institute, faculty “Directing”
  • Moscow institute of psychoanalysis, faculty of “Psychology”


  • Twice the champion of Ukraine in the direction of «Art» (unique content for a unique duration:
    • 1st record in 2018; for 12 hours in a row, continuously, without food, he played the piano of the Anthem of Ukraine in more than 72 variants on Independence Square in Kiev, in his own arrangements, in support of prisoners.
    • 2nd record in 2019; for 10 consecutive hours, a concert interview for mutual understanding of countries, as part of cultural diplomacy, in Uzhgorod continued. With the support of TRK «Suspilne»)
  • Brand ambassador for culture of ukraine
  • Lesya Ukrainka Prize winner
  • Laureate of international piano competitions (including in Munich, Berlin, Leipzig)
  • Graduate of theater festivals (including in Edinburgh, Moscow)
  • Participant in festivals of klezmer music (including in Kazan, Lviv)
  • Participant in Jazz Festivals (including the author’s location at the Jazz Koktebel festival)
  • Laureate of the International Kaniv festival (III prize for the author’s film “Doyna on the knifes”)

A master of real improvisation and magic music, expresses his mission in life with 88 keys of the piano, gives love and true pleasure to each composition.

It is by playing the piano that Mike Kaufman-Portnikov speaks with the world and the universe, invents new genres and styles. Mike combines a pianist, composer, director, artist, teacher and even a psychologist. He plays what he feels and these experiences are unique, just like the grand piano itself.